måndag 25 november 2013

Short brief - 2012

New years; One of Scandinavias (Swedens) excuse to get hammered.
I had a great evening in Tommys place with nice food and beverages, alot of beverages.
We had alot of fun indeed. At least of what I can remember til now, almost 2 years ago. Either I drank so much I cant remember all of it or time erased my memories because of drinking to much.

In February me and Tommy went together 2 weeks to visit my aunt in HI, USA. It was a nice trip with alot of drinking, swimming, party, birthdays and sun. We spend the most of the time in Honolulu, but we also camped in North Shore, circulated Oahu, tried spear fishing and so on. Also jumped "spitting cave". That was scary and awesome. It took me only 1 hour to jump. (55 feet).

Me and Tommy in Hawaii
Elks Clb, Hawaii

In Mars I took my 50L red back pack and took off to my home in Svolvaer, Norway. I jumped the train from Stockholm and enjoyed my 30 hours travels.

April. I rented a room in Filips apartment. It lasted for 3 weeks. Jerry hooked me up to get a nice apartmend for me, Seamus, cs, party and living life (hell).  We spend the whole time between April and August with work, party, hangover, party, hangover, work, over 100 cs, complains, dirt, filth, fights and party, did I mention party?  We made alot of wine and we hurted ourselves so bad.

August. I went to hospital the day before my birtday and I couldnt work my last week cause I stabbed myself in the knee. I used crutches for a couple of weeks. In the end of August we had a goodbye party and we all were so drunk. (I met my future girlfriend for the first time this evening).

Seamus on a farm in Serbia
Seamus, Me, Jerry. Kotor, Montenegro
Jerry, Ponch & Seamus. Border to Kosovo.
Good morning Seamus. Pristina, Kosovo
Me, Ohrid lake, Macedonia
Peter and Seamus in. Skopje, Macedonia
Jerry vs Janitor. Corfu, Greece
Jerry & Mareike, Cofru, Greece
Jerry, Mareike & Me. Cofru, Greece
Seamus. Corfu, Greece
Zagreb, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Stari Most bridge. Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Stone from the original Stari Most bridge. Mostar Bosnia & Hercegovina
Old bank (sniper tower) in Mostar. Bosnia & Hercegovina
A bar in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Tunnel of life. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Jerry outside the tunnel of life, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
Jerry. Gratz, Austria.
Filip, Jana & me. Praha, Czech Republic
Staropramen museum. Praha, Czech Republic
Fameous Clock. Praha, Czech Republic
Mighty amount of food. Praha, Czech Republic
Filip, Sussie, Me and Jerry in a tram. Praha, Czech Republic

September-November  I spent a crazy fun time together with some friends. (The friends I lived together with) We took the (mid)night train from Bodø til Oslo-Gothenburg. Then we rocked the world in this order; Serbia-Montenegro-Kosovo-Macedonia-Albania-Greece-Albania-Macedonia-Bosnia & Herzegovina-Croatia-Austria-Czech Republic.
It was a crazy trip with alcohol, fun, hate, love. Hate love. Last stop was in Praha for Filips 40(39) year b-day.  I spend 3 weeks holidays after holiday in Sweden. Then I went back to Svolvaer to win or loose(no place to live, no job). I slept in Marcos couch for a night. Then I met Karin again (my future girlfriend) and she offered me to rent a bed in the Green house.

December I found a job. I kissed Karin, she kissed back. =) Christmas and New Years in the Green house was great!... I had a place to live and a job.

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